Access to medical records and confidentiality

The Data Protection Act of 1998 requires that we tell you how we keep records about you and who has access to them. Nowadays we keep your clinical records on computer, although some earlier records are still on paper in the old folders. Some entries on patients’ records are made by members of staff, on behalf of the doctors and nurses. At times, the staff will need to look at the records either to pass on information such as test results to you, or for essential administrative purposes. We all, whether we are clinicians or staff, treat your records with great respect and apply strict rules of confidentiality.

As a patient, you have a right to see all the medical records we hold on you (except in certain special and unusual circumstances). If you wish to have access to your records please ask to speak to our Practice Manager who will make the arrangements. You will normally have a paper record and a computer record. You can see both and can ask for copies or prints to take away. There is a standard fee of £10 for having access and a charge per page for photocopying.

You now have the right to have a copy of any letter we send to other clinicians about you. If you would like this, then please let us know.