Midwife Clinic

Advice on pregnancy.

Time: Tuesday 14:00 – 17:00

Vasectomy Clinic

NHS and Private Patients welcome.

Time: Thursdays by appointment only

The Minor Illness Clinic

These are run by our Practice Nurses.  If you have a “minor illness” problem, you can book an appointment directly with the nurse. When you phone, the receptionist may ask if your problem could be managed in this clinic so that we can help you to go to the clinic best suited to your needs.

Our nurses have undertaken extensive extra training and are able to assess, diagnose and treat a range of common complaints that would previously have been seen by a Doctor. They are able to manage complaints such as sore throat, cough and rashes but do not generally deal with long-standing problems, these would be dealt with by a GP.
If they decide that you need to see the doctor urgently they will make arrangements immediately. Alternatively they may ask you to make a routine appointment with your GP.


·  Sore throat
·  Coughs
·  Ear-ache
·  Sticky or red eyes
·  Diarrhoea

Female Problems

·  Cystitis
·  Thrush/vaginal discharge
·  Emergency contraception
·  Painful/heavy periods

Male problems

·  Cystitis
·  Thrush


·  Asthma
·  Neck/Back pain
·  Cuts/sprains/bruises
·  Infestations – head-lice, Threadworms, scabies
·  Headache
·  Nosebleeds
·  Hayfever

Minor Injury Clinic

The Surgery also provides a minor injury service.  This service is to give treatment for minor cuts, bruises and contusions, minor dislocation of fingers or toes, sprains and strains, splinters and other minor injuries.

If you have a minor injury call the surgery for an appointment.